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Poster: ncdave Date: Feb 11, 2005 1:29pm
Forum: general Subject: Archive bug: trailing zero byte missing from retrieved files

A WayBack Machine lookup of this self-extracting archive file
retrieves several copies of varying vintages.

However, running the file to extract the contents does not work.
It turns out that the reason the extraction fails is that the file
is missing its last byte, which should be a nul (hex 00).

I think that this must be due to an Internet Archive bug,
since the file was archived several times when it was known to
be intact and functional.

I suspect that this bug is rarely noticed because deleting a
trailing zero byte from a file usually does not affect the
functionality for most file types. But in this case, the file is
a self-extracting archive created by an obscure and ideosyncratic
(and now defuct) compression tool called CSRE, which fails badly
if the trailing zero byte is missing.

I encourage the Internet Archive folks to fix this bug.

Dave Burton
dave296 at

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Poster: ncdave Date: Jun 10, 2005 4:56am
Forum: general Subject: Re: Archive bug: trailing zero byte missing from retrieved files

Four months have elapsed, and nobody has commented on this, and the bug persists. Is this not the right way to report bugs?